About Jack Baty

About Jack Baty and jackbaty.com

I’m Jack Baty. I use this space to write about things I'm interested in: photography, vinyl records, typewriters, technology, books, and so on.

Flickr is where you'll find the random stream of my photos. SmugMug is where I keep edited galleries.

I also post photos and photography-related things on tumblr at jackbaty.tumblr.com

This place is generally all over the map. Please, do not expect consistency.

I started blogging in 1999 as a place to post links. Recently, I've started fresh, leaving the thousands of entries orphaned over in the archives


In 1995, I joined Steve and Bryan Lewis as a partner in their newly-minted web shop, Fusionary Media. The early days of the Internet were perfectly suited to my interests and skills. I’ve created or helped create so much stuff on the web it’s hard to keep track of them. These days I’m doing less development and more technical project management, which is fun and interesting and challenging. I’m approaching two decades of eagerly heading into the office each morning.

Before Fusionary? Let’s see, I’ve been a freelance programmer, construction worker, burger flipper, and paperboy. I expect someday I’ll end up with a paper route once again.

I live and work in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I was born here and have not yet discovered a compelling reason to leave.